Cadillac’s new W20 Livery Package luxury for XTS Professional Services Sedan

Cadillac has announced an all-new W20 Livery Package by adding luxury characterstics of its XTS Platinum Edition in the XTS Professional Services Sedans, these features are exclusively provided to livery organisation by a Professional Vehicles program of Cadillac.

The XTS platinum edition is equipped with many luxury features like 19-inch wheels, exterior door handles with LED illumination, safety technology such as a rear vision camera, and a micro-fiber suede headliner, which makes its a higher ends model of XTS. In the W20 Livery Package, the rear seat comfort package featured with heated seats, window sun shades and a power inverter to charge mobile devices, while the Navigation System connectivity and control using Cadillac’s CUE system, all are included in the package.

The Vice President of Cadillac marketing has explained by saying – “XTS represents a new approach to luxury, centered on advanced technology and design, this same approach extends to Professional Vehicles, where we are bringing a new formula to the livery customer. Every experience in a Cadillac, front seat or rear seat, meets a higher standard for luxury, performance and technology. “.

The world’s largest livery company- Carey International - the first companies to sign on with the purchased of 150 new Cadillac XTS W20 Professional Services Sedans. Cadillac’s Professional Vehicles program includes a select number of coachbuilders authorized by Cadillac to convert vehicles for use in commercial or fleet duties according to a specific set of standards.

As per Cadillac, it is now selling more than nine of 10 all-new XTS models to individual luxury buyers, but the new luxury sedan is also outfitted with a special package that  redefines how fleet and car service operators transport their more than 400 million customers.

2013 Cadillac XTS Photo 04

Auto News Release Source : General Motors[Cadillac]