Cadillac Elmiraj Reveals 3-D Scanning Technology For Designing Concept Cars

We all want to get the best slice of life and our progressive technology is also trying to get it for us. As we are quite a far away from the 22nd century but still with the ongoing progression of science and technology we are achieving the best inputs from scientific experiments and applying it on various aspects of our lives.

This same incident happened with the creation of Cadillac Elmiraj Concept car which has used 3D scanning and structured lighting technology to include in their digital data modeling programs. This kind of 3 D scanning is often used in advanced measuring technology to create models and the vehicle designers and developers of Elmiraj have used this innovative technology in creating their stunning model of the concept car. From clay model to digital modeling and presenting it through 3 D scanning all have done accomplished within a week, for a classic two door grand Coupe.

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept (10)

How it works?

The car designers of Elmiraj begun with a clay model from concept sketches and they followed it with 3D scanners to develop a light pattern to signify its curves and shapes, and records the place of the object in its space and present with an accurate positioning of the model. Every scanned image is digitally set up together in anticipation of the entire vehicle is captured to form a new design. The craftsman of the company is extremely proficient to do all the tasks skillfully and representing the image into a whole new concept car with delicate features.

On this same way GM had been using this 3 D scanning technology since 2001 and they are incorporating their interior as well as exterior properties in concept cars. The 3D scanners project a light pattern on the vehicle part and the model is prepared with the entire use of technology. This kind of 3D modeling technology is also used in math models and they serve the purpose for the source for computer controlled milling and hand modeling using clay.

This 3 D scanning technology allows the engineers to spread their wings in creating new designs and reinvent their existing designs with new concept and create a full scale model with the help of computer controlled data.

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