Buick New Riviera Concept made its global debut at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

The new Buick Riviera concept vehicle made its global debut on last Friday evening in Shanghai. It is the fourth global Riviera concept developed jointly by GM’s Shanghai GM and Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) joint ventures in Shanghai.

Combining the avant-garde aesthetics and advanced technology, the new Riviera’s elegant design is inspired by dynamic nature of water. Its athletic shape, distinct ambiance and deeply sculpted lines reflect the essence of the vibrant nature of a moving river. The exterior flaunts many of the original exterior lines of the 2007 Buick Riviera concept. The new grille design is said to be inspired by the feathers of a swan. Besides it, an updated waterfall grille, wing-shaped daytime running lights and gull-wing doors further complements its exterior aesthetics. One of the most notable features of Riviera is its dual-mode wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle propulsion system (PHEV). PHEV enables car to be charged wirelessly by driving atop a special charging mat on the ground. Apart from wireless charging capabilities, it can be charged by traditional cable as well.

Buick Riviera Concept At Shanghai Motor Show 2013

The new version, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is equipped with intelligent four-wheel steering, an electromagnetic-controlled suspension and an air spring package for effective handling and control in vulnerable circumstances.Other advanced features include holographic projections on the windshield to provide traffic information to the driver through 10 high-resolution cameras (for image monitoring) and 18 micro high-precision sensors. Its intelligent driver assist system is equipped with many other high tech bits such as eagle view record system, night view assist, side blind-zone alert system, lane departure warning system, full-speed range-adaptive cruise control system, lane change assist system, parking assist system, rear cross-traffic alert system, autopilot system and “transparent” A pillars.

Buick New Riviera Concept Premiered At Shanghai Motor Show 2013

Equipped with 4G wireless connectivity, the new Riviera keeps occupants always connected by proffering real-time traffic information, weather updates, and news and entertainment while communicating with other vehicles. Maintaining a harmonious balance between style and performance, Riviera’s ambiance features adequate utilization of supreme materials like sand-blasted aluminium alloy, lava suede and ebony to create a striking visual effect and subdued sense of luxury. It has been further enhanced by well-structured center console, front floating seats and adaptive seating system and noise-absorbing head restraint system. It is also enriched with an ice celadon finish inspired by jade.

Buick New Riviera Concept Live At Shanghai Motor Show 2013

Photos of  Buick Riviera Concept live premiere at Shanghai Auto show 2013