BMW welcomes its 5th generation sports cars with BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupe

The arrival of the debutant BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupe has recognized as the fifth generation cars tagged as high performance sports car from BMW M Series. These are the Coupe and the Saloon getting an individual name from the company for the first time is really astonishing yet amazing. Both these cars are claiming to perform best on the paths and they are presenting themselves as responsive as well as swift cars which will not only impress the customers but also pass on the tough performance tests. The car lovers have to wait till the mid of 2014 because these will be on the floors at this point of time.

The BMW M3 has high revitalizing 3.0 liter six cylinder in line engine with M Twin Power Turbo technology, and also with a torque of 550NM in 1850 rpm and eventually reduces fuel consumption and extra emissions.  Both the models have the same technical specifications compared with each other and having carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof. There is a M Twin Power Turbo technology comprises two fast-responding mono- scroll turbochargers, are equipped to control valve lift. This function is also responsible for reducing fuel consumption.


There is also a six speed gearbox present with the new throttle blipping function that increases the carbon friction linings and thus it improves the evenness of driving and enhances the stability of the car. The rear-wheel drive chassis with Active M Differential is really a positive feature of the cars which controls the speed of the wheels and also controlsthe accelerator of the car. There are 19 inches of tires attached with the cars and available in color variants of Ferric grey and Jet Black.

The cars also possess the quality of Aluminum suspension elements ensure sharper dynamics with Electric Power steering with prompt settings which is an evidence of lightweight engineering. The steering of both the cars is presented with ‘M’ logo with a generous ambience. The interiors are done with triple color stitching with white graphics and metallic paddles. The seats are very flat yet high and can be adjusted with side bolsters and provide the passenger extra ordinary support. They are also equipped with Bluetooth systems and people can keep them contacted in various areas.

Photo Gallery of new BMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupe