BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Debuts At 2014 Beijing Motor Show

Making a bold statement at this year’s Beijing Motor Show is the Vision Future Luxury concept by BMW. The sedan concept, as its name says, is BMW’s vision for future vehicles and next generation models are certain to draw some inspiration from it. Starting with the design of the Vision Future Luxury, it is an evolution of the design language first seen on the Gran Lusso Coupe unveiled last year. At the front is a grille which is by far the biggest one we have seen on any BMW model so far. The massive grille is complemented by a pair of sleek laser headlights and air curtains that sit below the headlights. The overall profile of the car is all about channeling air as efficiently as possible. Other exterior highlights include taut surfaces, a coupe like profile and a sloping trunk lid, all of which together reduce drag. A unique feature at the rear of the car is a pair of organic LED a.k.a OLED taillights that show a new iteration of BMW’s L-shaped lights. Although BMW hasn’t disclosed what powertrain the Vision Future Luxury uses, expectations are it is a plugin hybrid that uses an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. BMW Vision Future Luxury (1) Moving on the to the inside, the cabin is completely driver focused and offers a improved integration of BMW ConnectedDrive services. Surrounding the driver is a three-display unit - the left one of which focuses of vehicle-related information and the center one displaying the speed, rev counter and other relevant info. The rightmost screen is the Driver Information Display that can be controlled via touch-sensitive interface and provides infotainment information. The Driver Information Display system also aims at distraction-free driving by including a section for the front passenger. Using the same, he/she can use BMW ConnectedDrive Luxury Concierge service applications without bothering the driver. For the rear passengers there is a pair of displays and a removable tablet which can be used to control various vehicle functions.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Image Gallery

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