BMW new 3-Series Sports Wagon 2013

BMW has officially showcased new 3-Series Sports Wagon, however the complete deliveries will be possible in 2013 Spring.The Sports Wagon probably be having 4-cylinder engine of 2.0 Liter will be capable of generating around 240 horsepower.
The 335i 6-turbo 3.0 Liter engine capable of producing around 300 horsepower and the 330d 6-turbo diesel engine of 3.0 liter will create a horsepower of 258.

BMW 3 series 2013

In this year 2012, you will find this car in BMW showroom of Europe continent but for US public, it will be on sale next year spring 2013.

The new Sports Wagon will be more spacious as it is larger as compared to its previous version.


The sports wagon is improved in its aerodynamic shape and by its new technology on enhancing air flow around its front wheels.
Sports Wagon will be available in Sport, Luxury and Modern lines and an M Sport Line with larger than what is currently available a 10 percent extra luggage room.

2013 BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon

BMW Sports Wagon on its safety features is equipped with ConnectedDrive, driver assistance systems(BMW Parking Assistant), speed limit notification, Rear-view Camera with Top View, Lane Departure Warning as well as Blind Spot Detection.


In Sports Wagon all the luxury of music and internet based audio is available like connecting with Apple iPhone, with your smartphones as well as music players, equipped with Internet-based services, you can display Facebook and Twitter posts on the on-board monitor.
With BMW Apps, on your iPhone you can access and listen to music streaming services like Pandora and MOG.