BMW Motorrad Unveils New C Evolution Scooter In Barcelona

Following the success of C 600 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters, BMW Motorrad has unveiled the new C evolution in Barcelona.  The C 600 Sport and C 650 GT offered agility of a conventional scooter alongside the ride qualities of a motorcycle,  but the new C evolution steps up the ladder and offers even more dynamism. The powertrain of the new BMW C evolution comprises of a liquid cooled electric motor and an air cooled battery. The liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motor pushes 15 hp or 11 kW of power to the rear wheel in standard mode which can increase to a max of 47 hp. With 47 horses in hand, the new C evolution can reach a top speed of 75 mph or 120 km/h. Coupled to the decently powerful motor is an 8 kWh capacity lithium-ion high-voltage battery that delivers a full-charge range of up to 62 miles of 100 km. With a standard 220V domestic power source, the battery takes just under 4 hours to recharge from empty. The new C evolution also utilizes regenerative braking both when braking and coasting with the throttle closed. This electric two wheeler also features four ride modes: Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic. The Road mode offers maximum acceleration and recuperates 50 percent of energy whereas the top Dynamic mode delivers a high degree of energy regeneration with full acceleration. The C evolution also comes with TCA (Torque Control Assist) which is a system inspired by Automatic Stability Control which is seen on BMW motorcycles. This system optimizes torque output in accordance with the slip at the rear wheel. As far as the features are concerned, it comes with reversing aid, an LED daytime running light, heated handlebar grips, a TFT display that displays vehicle-related info and more. Other highlights are as follows: Maximum torque 72 Nm (53 lb-ft). Top speed 120 km/h (75 mph). Acceleration 0 – 50 km/h (31 mph) in 2.7 s. Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.2 s. Hybrid chassis with agile handling due to low centre of gravity. Powerful braking system with ABS. Large TFT colour display. LED daytime running light and sidelight. Intelligent recuperation when coasting and when braking. Recharged from the domestic mains supply. Takes just 4 h to charge to 100 % capacity at 220V / 12A (220V / 16A = 3 h). Synergies with BMW Automobile harnessed during development. Electrical safety to passenger car standards. 4 ride modes available to choose from: Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic. Reversing aid for supremely easy maneuvering. Torque Control Assist (TCA). High-voltage battery with high capacity of 8 kWh and innovative air cooling. New BMW C Evolution Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="24172,24173,24174,24175,24176,24177,24178,24179,24180,24181,24182,24183,24184,24185,24186,24187,24188,24189,24190,24191,24192,24193,24194,24195,24196,24197,24198,24199,24200,24201,24202,24203,24204,24205,24206,24207,24208,24209,24210,24211,24212,24213,24214,24215,24216,24217,24218,24219,24220,24221,24222,24223,24224,24225,24226,24227,24228,24229,24230,24231,24232,24233,24234,24235,24236,24237"]