BMW M135i Concept blends turbo heart with three-door hatch shell

Top athlete for the premium compact segment: The BMW Concept M135i.


BMW presents the concept study of a BMW M
Performance automobile featuring a six-cylinder petrol
engine – consistent further development of the new
BMW 1 Series’ dynamic characteristics – world
premiere at the 2012 Geneva International Motor Show.

Munich. Simultaneously with the world premiere of the first BMW M
Performance automobiles, BMW’s concept study of a further model from this
new product category will be showcased on the media days (6 – 7 March 2012)
at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The BMW Concept M135i
consistently utilises the dynamic potential of the new BMW 1 Series for the
concept of the first BMW M Performance automobile featuring a straight six-
cylinder petrol engine. The body design of the BMW Concept M135i assigns the
youthful and sporty looks of the new BMW 1 Series to a three-door compact
model, complementing it with the distinctive athleticism so typical of a BMW M
Performance automobile.
Concept study with characteristics typical of a BMW
M Performance automobile.

BMW M135i Concept
BMW M135i Concept

With its sporty appearance, the compact three-door car authentically
conveys the typical qualities of BMW Performance automobiles to yet
another vehicle segment. BMW M Performance automobiles offer an
ideal symbiosis of outstanding performance and everyday suitability.
Using the expertise gained by the BMW M division from decades of
motor racing experience, the supreme performance of its
tremendously powerful engines specifically designed to suit each
model, the meticulously modified suspension technology and the
aerodynamic characteristics are all combined into a harmonious
overall concept. As a result, BMW M Performance automobiles have
noticeably increased agility, precisely controllable handling
characteristics and an emotional design. One look at the BMW
Concept M135i and the qualities crucial to that characteristic
M Performance feeling are instantly evident.

The employment of a straight six-cylinder petrol power plant
featuring M Performance Twin Power Turbo technology with a power
output of more than 300 hp creates the ideal prerequisites for
maximum dynamics in the premium compact segment and, in
conjunction with rear-wheel drive concept still unique in this vehicle
class, ensures unsurpassed driving pleasure so typical of a BMW.

Moreover, the characteristic handling precision of BMW M
Performance automobiles is obtained through model-specific
suspension technology that includes an M sports braking system and
is perfectly adapted to match the supreme road performance. 18-
inch M light alloys with a double spoke design additionally
complement the concept car’s sporting character.

Body features typical M athletic design.

The front apron of the concept car boasts a typical M design,
signalising intensive road-orientation, its large air intakes designed to
match the cooling requirement of the powerful engine, ancillary
components and large brakes. The three-dimensionally designed
flaps on the air intakes give indication of the car’s direct association
with motor racing.

In addition to intense road-orientation, the specific design of the rear
end of the BMW Concept M135i emphasises above all the vehicle’s
width. This is supplemented in particular by the three-dimensional
modelling of the surfaces and the lower section of the rear apron
finished in Dark Shadow metallic. Furthermore, the rear apron
accommodates the exhaust system’s double tailpipe that features a
dark chrome trim.

The BMW Concept M135i’s exterior mirror caps in Ferric Grey and
side window surrounds in BMW Individual High Gloss Shadow Line
are a further feature of BMW M Performance automobiles.