BMW i8 Gets Tailor-Made Luggage From Louis Vuitton

The BMW i8 is one of the most well appreciated vehicles lately, and the level of attention that this very car has drawn is simply unmatched. For long there has been this tradition  wherein fashion and design houses come up with custom products which match the sophistication and exclusivity of the some of popular four wheel machines. And following the same tradition, popular design house Louis Vuitton has launched custom tailor-made luggage for the i8.

Louis Vuitton has crafted an entire collection of bags which includes a business case, a garment bag and two travel bags. Since these bags are made exclusively for the i8, they have been so designed to fit perfectly into the interior of the car.

The collection features a chequered Damier pattern complemented by a laser-etched Louis Vuitton signature. Apart from the size, even the color of the bags matches the i8’s color theme as Louis Vuitton uses a black and electric blue theme. The handles of the bags are made from dyed natural leather.

Louis Vuitton Luggage For BMW i8 (5)

Furthermore, the entire collection features leather name tags and the classic padlock, the latter is not present on the garment bag though. The most special thing about the bags is that, just like the i8, they are made from carbon fiber which make them extremely lightweight while being sturdy. Louis Vuitton created a special textile using carbon fiber which not only provides robustness but also a feel of sophistication.

Talking about the bags in the collection, the Weekender GM i8 is designed to fit in the boot, while the Business Case i8 goes into the rear seats. The Garment Bag i8 matches the rear shelf on the i8, while the Weekender PM i8 rests on the rear seat surface.

The luggage series is available upon requested and can be ordered in Munich, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles.

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