BMW awarded as Best Car of 2013 in three categories

BMW is awarded for the best car of 2013 in three categories, surveyed by the readers of the famous Automobile Magazine ‘auto, motor und sport‘. Now for more than 37 years, the trade magazine “auto, motor und sport” is doing such a big survey to get the right choice through their readers, which on total consists of 112,877 readers who has participated in this survey  The survey itself show trend and taste of people while going for a car purchase and so its a clear indicator for the automotive market.

If we take look at the ranking as per the automotive magazine :

1) BMW 3 Series has got first place rating in the mid-range segment, this segment is really competitive as we can see large no. of mid-range vehicles are in this segment and to be chosen as 1st is a big win.

2) BMW 5 Series has awarded with first place rating in the upper mid-range segment, which shows that 5-series is really famous and successful cars of the upper mid-range segment for the continuous third time.

3) BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe also has taken the first place rating in the luxury class segment, which tells the best mated power and beauty of luxury in the form of 4-door Coupe, is accepted and chosen by many ones.
On the other hand, the BMW 6 Series Convertible has secured the third place rating in the convertible category. For a new year good start, such a number of praise is multiplying their celebration and boosting their confidence further.

BMW 6 Series Awarded As Best Car Of 2013

This survey gave readers a choice among 373 models, which are competed for a total of 10 different categories and consists of all-new 51 models to be surveyed for the first time and 48 revised model series.

Auto Press Release 2013

Three victories for BMW – readers of the trade magazine “auto, motor und sport” choose “The best cars of 2013”.
  • 24.01.2013

Munich. For BMW, the year 2013 has got off to a really pleasing start. Readers of the trade magazine “auto, motor und sport” gave models of this brand the best rating in three different categories. The new version of the BMW 3 Series went immediately to the top of the highly competitive midrange segment, the BMW 5 Series once again defended its lead in the upper midrange segment and the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe went straight to first place in the luxury class ratings. In addition, like last year, the BMW 6 Series seized third place in the category convertibles. On the whole, an impressive result, continuing with the numerous successes achieved in recent years in this survey. The high total of 112,877 readers participating in the vote shows that the interest in this highly reputed survey is by no means declining. Hence, this traditional readers’ competition stands on a broad and appropriately indicative basis.

The accolades were presented to Dr. Ian Robertson, board member of the BMW AG, responsible for BMW Sales and Marketing, during a gala event held in Stuttgart today.

The BMW rankings at a glance:

BMW 3 Series                                   First place in the midrange segment

BMW 5 Series                                   First place in the upper midrange segment

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe              First place in the luxury class

BMW 6 Series Convertible                Third place in the convertible category

Every year for 37 years now, the automotive trade magazine “auto, motor und sport” has held this large-scale opinion survey, which is also a widely acclaimed indicator for the automotive market, as the results reflect tendencies, needs and potential buyers’ preferences. In the current survey, readers were able to choose from 373 models, which were to be assessed in a total of ten different categories. These included 51 completely new models, which were being assessed for the first time, as well as 48 revised model series.

The BMW 3 Series’ victory in the fiercely competitive, high-volume midrange segment impressively underscores what the potentially record-breaking sales figures of this popular series had already suggested: The BMW 3 Series is right at the top of its segment. A high level of popularity and acceptance was also confirmed by the success of the BMW 5 Series, which, as the winner in the upper midrange segment, kept its competitors “at a distance” for the third time in succession. Furthermore, the “start-to-finish victory” of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe demonstrates with its elegant interpretation of a four-door coupe that BMW has effectively managed to meet the needs of luxury class clientele.

BMW’s good performance in the category “Car of the Year 2013” reflects the brand’s tremendous success achieved last year, during which BMW sold more cars than ever before in the company’s history. Sales increased in 2012 by 11.6 % to a new record high of 1,540,085 vehicles.

Auto Press Release Source : BMW