BMW At CES 2014: Autonomous Driving, Enhanced BMW i Remote App and More

The Consumer Electronics Show is the best platform to showcase technological advances and BMW is just doing the same. At 2014 CES, the German automaker is displaying a host of new innovations such as automated driving technology, camera based assistance systems, new parking assistant and more. Automated driving is not completely new and we have seen a couple of autonomous cars in the past but BMW’s latest prototype takes the technology to the limit. BMW claims the new prototype uses advanced control technology ensuring maximum safety. The prototype features a new generation of control systems that intervene in the direction-changing decision-making process and ensures the steering works in accordance with the brakes and accelerator. One of the technologies that we really liked is developed in collaboration with Samsung. It is a fact that smartphones are being widely used now a days and wearable gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Gear are a step forward. BMW has become the first carmaker who has successfully been able to present vehicle functions on Samsung Galaxy Gear. The wristwatch works in conjunction with BMW’s i Remote app which keeps the driver updated about their BMW i3. The Samsung Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App offers information such as battery charge, available range, and more. BMW At CES 2014 (11) Next on the innovations list is the New Parking Assistant with longitudinal and lateral guidance. The system uses ultrasound sensors to find parking space and takes over the parking job in its hands via the electronically controlled steering. Now the system is able to even switch between forward and reverse gears of the automatic gearbox. The driver is only required to hold down the activation button and watch the system do its job. BMW is also displaying advanced camera based assistance systems as they are advantageous over radar-based applications when it comes stationary objection recognition. They offer enhanced safety and the best example of the same is the BMW i3 hatch.

BMW Autonomous Driving Prototype Image Gallery

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