Bentley’s luxury performance with new Flying Spur premiered at Geneva Motor Show

Bentley's new luxury performance sedan of the current season - the new Flying Spur - is live premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show, in Switzerland. The new Flying Spur is loaded with most powerful 12-cylinder twin turbo 6.0 Litre Engine with 48-valve, making it the fastest Bentley 4-door sedan. The W12 engine is capable of generating an output of 616 hp[625 PS] at 6,000 rpm, while a never-give torque of 580 pound feet[800 Nm] at just 2,000 rpm which are the enhancement by the new optimising system which has improved the torque management, turbocharger control, driveability and greater low speed responsiveness. Mated with the W12 is the advanced 8-speed, quick-shift automatic transmission from ZF. The new Flying Spur can sprint from 0 to 60 miles/hour in just 4.3 seconds  with a  top speed of 322 km/hour[200 miles/hour]. The exterior elegance created by sharp lines, rear and attractive curved surfaces, is combined with the aggression of low roof line, embedded sculpted panels with the muscular backside. The front with enhanced upright chrome grille, is adding more to the beauty, by placing in-between the pairs of LED headlamps which are giving impression of a jewel. The lower intake down the front grille has now full width without vertical partition, giving complete finish to the Flying Spur. Introducing 600 new parts to adding more to the interior luxury, which includes the matchless Infotainment System perfectly combined with the brands traditional hand-crafted elements and impressive design. The new Flying Spur is offered in 4 and 5-seat configuration, in which the front and rear seats trimmed are in natural premium quality leather. The 12 different colours are offered in the seats featuring more softness with durability. The more comfortableness seats are created with 14-way adjustment including memory and lumbar functions. Also for every person, there is a seat heating and ventilation feature with an extra storage space at the rear of the front seats.

Some of the Advanced features of new Flying Spur includes :
  • Two 10” LCD screens and top-loading multimedia players for the rear passengers to play video, photo and music content from DVDs, SD cards, USB devices including iPods and iPads, and HDMI devices.
  • 8-channel, 8-speaker audio system with optimum sound clarity and frequency range can play music from an on-board hard drive, CDs, DVDs, SD cards and via an iPod.
  • Infotainment features can be controlled by voice activation.
  • The Bentley’s advanced satellite navigation system
  • The Naim® for Bentley Premium Audio System, featuring redesigned separate subwoofers for improved bass extension and 1100 Watts of power.
  • Bentley Connectivity Unit (BCU) allows portable devices, laptops and tablet to access internet through the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot with an active SIM and 64 GB space.
Photos of new Bentley Flying Spur live premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2013 [gallery order="DESC"]