BBR Tunes Mazda MX-5: Puts A 268 BHP Turbo Engine

People who had an obsession for tough cars now they do not have to wait longer, because the launch of BBR GT270 has brought the good news that these cars are made just for the people who love to drive high performance Sedan cars. This car is said to be one of the potent cars of Mazda which can meet the roughest conditions and run on all kinds of roads, so people with a rough and tough personality will love this car.

Those drivers love to drive a longer way on the rocky and rough mountains will also be happy with its features and overall qualities. Mazda has been known for producing toughest cars for almost three decades and they are producing such cars which are not only fast but will satisfy the owner in true means. The safety features, tough stainless steel body and the refined configuration will be the key points to impress a customer.

BBR Mazda MX-5 GT270 Sports Car (6)

The Built- Up

These cars are equipped with enhanced configuration so that it never breaks in any circumstances and can meet the sky high expectations of a tough car. In Mazda BBR GT 270 has been presented with unmatched with top level of 150 mph V Max delivered by the high power accelerator which can get up to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds and said to be the most powerful produced by the company till date. T

he engine with capacity of 2.0 Liters has been enhanced with special techniques to make the turbocharger work better.  The dual combination of intercooler and exhaust together provide a promise of steadiness and smooth drivability. The car has four driving modes and develops 268 BHP at, 7350 rpm, with superior torque the car has been designed with handpicked component that produced exceptional power at the lowest turbo boost pressures and ensures the best competence and durability.

The Radiant Performance

The fresh and detailed interiors are provided in the car to give it a look of more like a sports car. The BC Yellow Stuff pads, SRF brakes fluid and stainless-steel brake lines provides you with the exhilarating feeling within while you drive. With the exceptional use of high speed torque performance you will be enjoying this car more to drive in the racing arena rather than on road to overtake other behind.

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