BangShift Query Of The Day: Do You Have Any Good Station Wagon Reminiscences?

The timing was off, I suppose. With regards to discussions on who rode in what rising up as a child, most individuals my age rode round in minivans or the early smaller SUVs of the early 1990s. Older than me, they rode round in station wagons. Youthful, most likely a Toyota Camry. I grew up with younger mother and father…outdoors of a particularly shitty 1985 Chevrolet Cavalier that wanted to fulfill a crusher the day it was made, we didn’t have your typical “household automotive”. My dad drove a stepside Ford from the late 1970s. My mom had a ’75 Olds Omega two door. Stepdad had many vehicles, however he hung onto a 1969 Chevelle longest. I had a good friend in elementary college whose mother owned a Buick just like the one pictured and that was it. Station wagons are, sadly, earlier than my time…they had been uncool once I was born. However I’ve heard the nice tales of being piled into the automotive for lengthy journeys, of sitting within the way-back seat and flipping off visitors a lot to the annoyance of everybody round you, and so forth and so forth. I didn’t see any of that. I bought a wheezing 2.0L 4 and the lingering scent from once I threw up within the backseat after consuming dangerous meals at a Rax in Carbondale, Illinois. That’s my station wagon second proper there. Please, inform me some higher tales. I may use them. And, in the event you like, try RCR’s assessment of a Buick wagon. Be warned, he’s grunting like he ate some fiber bars once more…   The submit BangShift Query Of The Day: Do You Have Any Good Station Wagon Reminiscences? appeared first on