Audi’s Compact Sports Crossover Show Car To Debut In January 2014

Audi has come up with a new avatar which has been introduced as the best car to suit all kinds of roads and tracks.  It will be showcased at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January, 2014.

This car is fit for every driving and also can be used as a good recreational vehicle and enjoyable with friends. This car will be coming with two doors and with positive ground clearance and sporty design. This will cover up all the Audi typical all road concepts and known to be in a “Shooting Brake” style of body.

The car has a length of 4.20 meters and the road stance is very powerful. The car is beautiful sculpted in geometrical designs and the two door model is just made from a solid piece. The single frame grille which looks more like a Coupe from the rear portion has also a shape of tornado from the side of the taut. The roof line is quite low and finished in a robust C pillar.

Audi Sports Concept Crossover To Debut In January 2014 (4)

The horizontal body line is decorated with 19 inch alloy wheels. The dual headlights with the Single frame design which are designed in honeycomb structure which actually sports like a Quattro.

2014 Audi Sport Concept Crossover Image Gallery