All New Hyundai Genesis Debuts For Europe: Details Inside

This year in the month of January, Hyundai debuted the 2015 Hyundai Genesis for the North American market. Recently, the new generation sedan has been launched in the European market as well. The Genesis is known to be one of the most capable cars in the mid-size sedan category and the 2015 iteration is even better. The 2015 Genesis will not be available to all potential buyers in Europe but only to a select few as Hyundai plans to sell the luxuriously-equipped executive saloon in limited number initially. The most interesting fact about the 2015 Genesis is that it’s the most technologically advanced and fully-equipped Hyundai model available in the European market. For the first lucky customers in Europe, Hyundai will be offering the new Genesis in only one specification. Powering the European model of the 2015 Genesis is a 3.8 liter V6 GDI engine and works in tandem with a smooth-shifting eight speed automatic transmission. The 3.8 liter heart is capable of putting out enough power and torque across the wide range of engine speed. To ensure a more dynamic and pleasing performance Hyundai has also updated the Genesis with new, multi-link front and rear suspension, HTRAC all-wheel drive system and optimum weight distribution. ALL-NEW GENESIS (6) The new Genesis is even more feature-rich and arrives with an array of additions including Smart Cruise Control, world’s first CO2 cabin sensor that monitors the environment of the cabin, and Automatic Emergency Braking. Design wise, the new Genesis features the latest generation fluidic sculpture design language offering a sleek and beautiful styling. Hyundai have spent nearly €342 million over a period of four years and the end-result is the all new Genesis. The car has been developed specifically for Korea and USA as the previous generation model did extremely well in these parts of the world.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Image Gallery

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