2014 SRT Viper Debuts In Stryker Green Exterior Paint In Detroit

Chrysler Group’s performance division SRT has unveiled the 2014 SRT Viper sports car in an all new exterior paint. Named “Stryker Green,”, the new colour is said to be an evolution of the iconic Snakeskin Green exterior color that was first offered in 2008.

Compared to the Snakesskin Green, the new Stryker Green color option features enhanced green and yellow pigments and gets a “liquid mercury” appearance. The color has been introduced while keeping in mind the fans of Viper. The car is all about exclusivity and with the new exterior color option it becomes even more exclusive.

“We’re continuing to develop and build unique, low-volume, special-edition colors for the Viper that adds to the exclusivity of our American-built flagship supercar,” said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO, SRT Brand and Motorsports. “Every SRT Viper is painted with a process that is very similar to what we use for our show cars.  The application of the new Stryker Green exterior paint is a very detailed and intricate process, taking approximately eight hours to complete. The process first starts with a base color coat followed by a green-tinted mid-coat and topped off with a clear finish. Each coat application adds depth and accentuates the curvature of the Viper’s exterior design.”

2014 SRT Viper Stryker Green Exterior Color (4)

Along with the new color, making its debut on the 2014 SRT Viper is a new package. Called the Grand Touring (GT) special package it features Nappa leather seats, five-mode Electronic Stability Control and the two-mode Bilstein DampTronic Select Suspension, all as standard. The GT optional package will only be available on the Venom Black and the new Stryker Green exterior colors.

The new color will be available starting February 2014 on the Viper GTS, SRT and with the new GT package. The car shown in the images is the standard SRT Viper equipped with a handful of performance components from Mopar.

2014 SRT Viper Stryker Green Image Gallery