2014 Chevrolet Spark EV – a smart green car

At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012, the Chevrolet has revealed the all new first plug-in electric vehicle with SAE Combo DC Fast Charging ability - the 5-door Urban All-Electric mini - the Chevrolet Spark EV - which is not only safe, efficient, durable but affordable and reliable also. The first modern electric green vehicle will be assembled in the manufacturing facility at General Motors White Marsh, MD in U.S., is going for sale this year(2013) and will be delivered to customers in 2014. The 2014 Chevrolet EV has all durable and reliable features that has a warranty of 1,00,000 miles[i.e. 1,60,934 kilometers] or 8 years and specially tested for more than 200,000 hours. Chevrolet has assembled the best performance EV range with advanced electric motor and battery system of 20-kWh lithium ion battery that gives excellent acceleration by generating a horsepower of 130[i.e 100 kilo-Watts] and top torque of 400 pound feet[i.e. 542 Nm]. With smart performance and connectivity technologies, the Spark EV interior has new and advanced features like noise reduction feature, two  7-inch, high-resolution LCD screens that shows key vehicle functions and infotainment, sports mode feature, a front display panel which shows vehicle charging status, more cockpit space, bright accents incorporated with Electric Blue and chrome finish and a comfortable drive experience. The 2014 Spark EV will be available in different colors which consists of Summit White, Titanium, Silver Ice, Electric Blue and Black Granite. Chevrolet team has done quite good work in improving the EV Aerodynamics, to make it more efficient and also assist users to save more driving related battery energy usage.

The new Spark EV weighs 560 pounds[i.e. 254 kg] square lithium-ion battery pack with a volume of 133 liters, comprising 336 prismatic cells. In North America, the all electric vehicle will have the optional features of SAE Combo DC Fast Charge capability, which can charge the 80% battery capacity in just 20 minutes. It has common on-board charging which has 3 charging platforms – DC Fast Charge, AC 240V and AC 120V. By using AC 240V based charging, it takes less than 7 hours to fully recharge. User can monitor and manage the EV remotely by a computer at OnStar.com or with a special Chevrolet Mobile App powered by OnStar Remote Link. The new Spark EV will be come with a price tag under $25,000 with tax incentives and with 3 years of standard OnStar service. Some of the advanced features are :
  • It has the feature to control apps for BringGO navigation, TuneIn, Pandora and Stitcher. For compatible iPhone users, they can use Siri, eye free and hand free communication.
  • The users of smartphone like Android, Blackberry and iPhone can connect contact, photos, videos and songs with EV by using Bluetooth/USB
  • The touch screen display shows the animated power status, charging status, energy information screen with climate controls and MyLink Radio.
  • The useful gauges which are quite easy to know the power status, battery gauge, efficiency gauge and confidence gauge
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Chevrolet Spark EV is Pure, Electric Fun

Competitively priced under $25,000 with tax incentives

  • Note: 11-28-12 update to kW hour in 7th paragraph
  • Expected range among best in EV segment
  • Advanced, U.S.-built motor and drive unit deliver best-in-class acceleration
  • Two seven-inch, high-resolution LCD screens display key vehicle functions and infotainment
  • Initial markets include California, Oregon, Canada, South Korea and other global markets
  • Optional SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability enables Spark EV to charge to 80 percent in 20 minutes
LOS ANGELES – The 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV, introduced today ahead of the Los Angeles International Auto Show, packs smart performance and connectivity technologies into an affordable five-door urban mini car designed to make the trip as electrifying as the destination. It will be priced under $25,000 with tax incentives. With the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet accounts for more than 50 percent of all plug-in electric vehicle sales in the United States and Spark EV builds on Chevrolet’s proven electric motor and battery development programs. When it goes on sale next summer, the Spark EV is expected to have among the best EV battery range in its segment and be the first electric vehicle to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability, enabling the Spark EV to reach 80-percent battery charge in just 20 minutes. “When you engineer a technology-filled, all-electric mini car that goes from zero-to-60 mph in less than eight seconds, customers won’t miss the gas,” said Mark Reuss, president, General Motors North America. “The Volt and now the Spark EV show that Chevrolet not only knows EVs better than anyone else, we also know how to help customers get the most out of their EV experience.” Inside the Spark EV, critical vehicle functions are clearly and intuitively displayed on one of the vehicle’s two reconfigurable, high-resolution, seven-inch color LCD screens, including a confidence gauge that shows the expected driving range based on driving habits and other conditions. Spark EV also will keep urban drivers musically connected with Chevrolet’s exclusive MyLink radio that comes standard and safely brings smartphone-based infotainment – including apps for BringGo full-functionnavigation, TuneIn global internet radio, Pandora and Stitcher – into the vehicle. Apple’s Siri will ride shotgun, for customers with compatible (4S and newer) iPhones. In addition to previously announced markets including California and South Korea, Spark EV will also go on sale in participating dealerships throughout Oregon, Canada and other global markets. Spark EV will be eligible for coveted high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in California. The soul of Spark EV Spark EV is powered by an advanced electric motor and battery system. It consists of a GM-designed, coaxial drive unit and electric motor that together deliver 130 hp (more than 100 kW) and 400 lb.-ft. (542 Nm) of torque for instant acceleration; and a more than 20-kWh lithium ion battery is expected to provide among the best EV range performance in its segment. The drive unit and motor will be assembled of U.S. and globally sourced parts at GM’s White Marsh, Md., manufacturing facility, and the first time a U.S. automaker has built both a complete electric motor and drive unit for a modern electric vehicle in the United States. Spark EV’s long-life battery is designed to be safe, durable and reliable, and is warranted for eight years or 100,000 miles. It consists of a 560-pound (254 kg) square lithium-ion battery pack with a volume of 133 liters, comprising 336 prismatic cells. “The Spark EV battery has undergone more than 200,000 hours of testing in our global battery systems labs,” said Pamela Fletcher, Chevrolet executive chief engineer of electrified vehicles. “It is extremely durable and has undergone the same abuse tolerance testing as the Volt battery.” Leading the charge Spark EV is the first all-electric vehicle in North America to offer optional SAE Combo DC Fast Charge capability, which can charge the battery to 80 percent of capacity in about 20 minutes. A common on-board charging receptacle accommodates all three charging platforms – DC Fast Charge, AC 240V and AC 120V. Using a dedicated 240V outlet, Spark EV recharges in less than seven hours. Owners can coordinate charging according to departure time or during off-peak electricity rates. They also can manage and monitor the vehicle remotely via computer at OnStar.com, or with a special Chevrolet Mobile App powered by OnStar Remote Link. The Spark EV comes with three years of standard OnStar service. Energy-saving exterior; tech-filled interior In developing the Spark EV, Chevrolet set out to help customers conserve as much total energy as possible to maximize battery range. One important way to achieve that is by improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics. By evaluating every detail of the gasoline-powered Spark, designers and aerodynamic engineers added the equivalent of about 2.5 miles of real-world range. Spark EV colors include Electric Blue, Black Granite, Summit White, Silver Ice and Titanium. Inside, designers sought to create a comfortable and spacious cockpit with noise-reduction features and a combination of bright accents in Electric Blue and chrome. Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4 million cars and trucks a year.  Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com. Auto Press Release Source : General Motors